Where else can you use Unpaper Towels?


Well. Good question.

Recently people have been telling me of other uses they have come up with for their Unpaper Towels than just in the kitchen. We do use paper towels in more places than just the kitchen, right?
The Laundry room
Uh, hello. I just threw a bunch of dirty clothes in the washer and OOPS... that wasn't supposed to go in there... get your hands wet? Grab an Unpaper Towel, dry off and all is well. :)
Wine Bottles
Going to a house party and want to bring a chilled bottle of wine? These towels will snap right around that bottle of wine. Go ahead and try it, I know you wanna.
Guest Bathroom
Ever feel like you need multiple towels in a guest bathroom? Maybe guests would like a fresh towel every time they wash their hands. This is the perfect way to provide them with a fresh towel. And it can match your bathroom so well. I think this idea is brilliant!
Ice Pack
Need an ice pack and want to wrap a towel around it? Well, the snaps on the Unpaper Towel make a perfect little package to hold your ice. You'll look cute icing that injury... see, don't you feel better already?
Yes, these towels have snaps! And you know what is fun about snaps? No? Well... I'm so glad you are here so I can tell you. The cool thing is you can SNAP one of these towels to just about anything. Need a towel on the fridge? Snap one on. Need a towel near the stove? Snap it to the oven handle. Need a towel on your person? Snap it to your belt loop. You can snap one to the drawer handle... oh, I think you get the picture. Snaps are fun!