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How The Unpaper Towel Began

Driven to Make a Difference

​Paper towels.
They seem to be a part of our everyday lives. We use them without thinking about  how many we are using or how many we are throwing away. The numbers  get a little out of control when one starts to think about all the places that paper towels are used and thrown away. In the kitchen, in the bathrooms, the paper napkins we use when we get a quick bite to eat. It all adds up. What can we do about it?

The unpaper towel. Replace your normal paper towel roll in your kitchen with these fun and colorful towels that can be snapped together and reused over and over again. It makes so much sense!  These towels are much more absorbent that your everyday paper towels and much more eco friendly, it's the little things we all can do to help out the environment, and they are cute too!

These towels are sewn individually and with love in Asheville, NC by Bevin Coffee. Bevin, always looking for some way to produce beautiful and creative items came across the Unpaper Towel in the summer of 2011. Bevin looked high and low for something similar and found a few people making them, but none were up to her standards of quality and beauty. She went out and started making them her way and has been enjoying the ride ever since! The fabrics are chosen with care and special orders are always welcome.

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